Answers To Common DirectLync Questions
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What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, is the process as well as associated technology that allows businesses to efficiently manage interactions with past, present, and future customers. When used effectively, a CRM can help businesses increase sales, generate more leads, and save precious time by streamlining operations.


Does every business need a CRM?

The short answer is no. Not all businesses need a CRM; however, all businesses should explore whether or not a CRM can benefit their team, including you. If you’re reading this page, you’re off to a great start! Consider the following questions. If you find yourself answering “Yes” to any, it’s probably time to integrate a CRM into your current customer & sales strategy.

  • Do you collect customer data in more than one place (i.e. via website, in person, at a POS, etc.)?
  • Do you dedicate more time than you’d care for to certain tasks as they pertain to your sales & marketing strategy?
  • Do you need to increase and enhance communication with your customers?
  • Do your customers communicate with more than one person from your team throughout their customer journey?
  • Are you interested in tracking the journey of leads and customers?
  • Do your customers have associated data that needs to be stored and organized?
  • Do you need to analyze data from your customers?


How is our CRM different?

We’re the small business’s CRM!  We recognize that businesses have unique needs that require unique solutions. This is exactly why we’ve built an easy-to-use, CRM that gives teams the customization they need to reach the right customers with the right message while also collecting the data that matters.

Take a look at this quick tutorial walking you through the features of your DirectLync CRM.



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