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How Do I Merge Contacts?

Say "Bye Bye, Duplicates."

Honestly, it happens. Whether it’s your iPhone or your CRM, we’ve all experienced the anxiety of multiple entries for what should be just one contact. Your CRM is one of the most powerful tools in your sales management strategy, and it should not be bogged down by unnecessary or inconsistent information.  When it comes to your business, it never hurts to schedule some time to tidy up your contacts list.

On this page, you’ll learn how to merge information from multiple entries into one new contact.


How do I merge contacts?

  1. Navigate to your CRM module by clicking Contacts on the left side of your screen

    Navigate To Contacts
  2. Click Contacts again at the top of your CRM module

    Navigate To Contacts
  3. Select up to three contacts that you would like to merge by checking the box next to the contact name. If the contacts you would like to merge are not all displayed, try searching a common attribute like first name, last name or keyword that’s shared between the contacts
  4. Once selected, click More > Merge

    More Merge

  5. Choose which information you would like to keep, then click Merge

  6. Once merged, the initial contacts will be automatically deleted freeing up space in your CRM! All contact activity including email data, notes, files, etc. will be merged together into your new contact record.