Answers To Common DirectLync Questions
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  1. Log into your DirectLync account and select Announcements on the left side panel.



  1. Once Announcements has opened, this page will display any announcements previously posted or drafted. You have the option to Clone or Delete the Announcement




  1. To create a new Announcement, select the + located at the top of the dashboard next to Announcements to begin.




  1. Once expanded, you can begin creating your new Announcement. To get started, create the Title and the Message and continue.



  1. Next up, you can add the Call to Action items. You have the option of adding a link associated with your announcement (Link to direct your customers to), a label that leads action for the customer, and expiration date so when the statement is no longer relevant, you can turn it off. Once completed, click save to continue



How do I delete an Announcement I created?

  1. At the top of the dashboard, select the to the right of the expiration date. Here you can delete the post or clone the job for future use.




If Clone is selected, the window will expand to the Basic Information page for the Cloned Announcement. The announcement will say Clone in the title to indicate the Cloned item. Make your changes and click Save to continue.