Answers To Common DirectLync Questions
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How do I add a child group?

A child group is another name for a sub group— you can think of them as a group within a group! They help you further organize your contacts and really drill into their actions and behaviors as it pertains to your business. For example, let’s say you want to see contacts that have subscribed to your newsletter but also want to know exactly which ones subscribed via your website vs. in store. Creating a child group in DirectLync allows you to segment your contacts in such ways.

On this page, you will learn how to add child groups and how to assign contacts to them. 

How do I create child groups? 

  1. In your contacts module, click Groups

  2. To the right of the group that you wish to add a child group, click (•••) → Add Child Group

  3. Type the name of your new child group, and click Save


How do I add contacts to child groups?

You can add existing contacts to child groups, or you can add them to your child groups while importing new contacts. If you need a quick refresher on how to import contacts, click here.

Adding existing contacts to child groups:


  1. From your contacts module, click Groups
  2. Click the small grey arrow next to a group to reveal child groups and select the one that you’d like to add contacts to
  3. Click Members → click the small + next to Group Contacts

  4. On this page, you can select any contacts you wish to add to your child groups
  5. Once selected, click the Assign Contacts icon → Assign

Adding new contacts to child groups during import:

  1. After uploading and validating your new contacts, you will be prompted to add them to groups 
  2. Choose the desired child groups you’d like to add your new contacts, then continue with the upload process