Answers To Common DirectLync Questions
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How can I filter my contacts? 

Strategically segmenting your audience is an important part of the process of communicating effectively and running successful marketing campaigns. 

The flexible contact filter options in DirectLync make it easy to segment your contacts database however you see fit. Contact filters also help when performing actions on your contacts such as bulk edits, bulk deletes, and bulk opt-outs.


How do I filter my contact list? 

  1. In the Contacts Module, click the Contacts link at the top of the page

  2. Notice the filters box on the left-hand side of the Contact List page.

    1. The filters box contains a text search field as well as quick filters for Contact Type, Contact Groups, Unsubscribed, and Bounced contacts. 

    2. Clicking the Advanced Filters link towards the bottom of the filters box will open the Advanced Filters window


What are advanced filters and how do I use them? 

Advanced filters allow you to create custom filters to search your contacts as needed. You can select any contact record field as a filter, including custom fields you may have created.


To perform an advanced filter:

  1. Click the Advanced Filters link towards the bottom of the filters box

  2. Select the field you would like to filter by

  3. After selecting the field you will see specific operations related to the field type

    1. Includes/Does Not Include

    2. Known/Unknown

    3. Greater Than/Less Than

    4. Equal/Does not Equal

    5. Is/Is Not

    6. Before or After

    7. In Date Range

  4. To filter by multiple fields, click the +add another field link

  5. To remove a filter, click the (minus sign) next to the filter you would like to remove

  6. When finished with your filter selections, click the Apply Filters button at the bottom of the window

  7. The Contact List page will refresh with your new filter applied to the results


How do I save a filter? 

  1. To save an advanced filter click the Save button in the filter box on the left-hand side of your contact list

  2. Name your filter

  3. Click the Save Filter Button


How do I view saved filters? 

  1. Click the Quick Filters drop-down in the top right corner of the filters box

  2. Click Saved Filters

  3. This will display a list of all your saved filters

  4. Click on the name of a saved filter perform the search


How do I edit a saved filter? 

  1. To edit a saved filter click the action button (•••)

  2. Make changes to the filters as needed

  3. Click Save Filter


How do I delete a saved filter? 

  1. To delete a saved filter click the action button (•••)

  2. Click Delete Filter


How do I clear filters? 

  1. To clear the results of a filter click the Clear Filters button at the bottom of the filters box


Can I close the filters box? 

  1. To close the filters box click Filters in the top left corn of the filters box

  2. To reopen the filters box click the Filters button above the contact list


What is a Quick Filter? 

Quick filters are those used most often in DirectLync. Viewing contacts based on contact types and contact groups is common, so we made these filters easily accessible to you.