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How Can I Edit Multiple Contacts At Once?

Everything is better in bulk! Ok, well maybe not everything but editing your DirectLync contacts certainly is. On this page, you will learn what things you can edit in bulk and how to do it.


What things can I bulk edit?

You can bulk edit the following fields: Contact Type and any custom field.


How can I bulk edit my contacts?

  1. Navigate to your CRM module by clicking Contacts on your module menu located on the left

  2. Click Contacts at the top of your Contacts module

  3. On your contacts list page, you can select up to 100 contacts to edit at one time. Once you’ve selected the contacts you’d like to edit, click the pencil at the top of your contacts list to Bulk Edit Contacts

    bulk edits

  4. Select the field you’d like to update, input your changes, and click Update. Your changes will be automatically saved

    bulk edits save