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Creating and Managing Custom Fields

In DirectLync, you can manage fields within your contact record. The module allows you to add sections that are important to your business, remove the areas that aren't, and require specific fields. Custom field management is in your contacts module.

For a complete tutorial on Custom Fields, watch the video below.

To Manage Custom Fields

  1. Log into your DirectLync account
  2. Go to your Contacts module
  3. Select Settings on the top navigation
  4. Go to contact settings → Custom Fields

Getting to Custom Fields in DirectLync

Custom Fields is where you can customize what information you want to add or remove in the Contact record. There are two types of fields here.


Default fields are the fields DirectLync has prepopulated to your contact record. Most default fields can be turned off based on your preferences. First name, last name, email address, and organization cannot be turned off or deleted. However, you can update the name or make them required.


Custom fields are the fields that you can create based on your business. Do not store sensitive information such as credit card information, social security numbers, etc. in a custom field.

To Change the Order

  1. Hover your mouse over the field
  2. A blue outline will appear around the field
  3. Click and hold the Field and your cursor will change allowing you to drag the field within that section

Changing the order of Custom Fields

To Edit a Custom Field or Section Header

The Custom Contact Fields and Section Headers are editable. If a pencil is visible, then the area can be edited.

  1. Hover your mouse over the field or header
  2. A pencil icon will appear on the left side of the box
  3. Click on the Pencil Icon
  4. Edit the Field Properties or Header Name in the popup
  5. Click Save

Editing Custom Fields Sections or Headers

To Turn On/Off Custom Fields

You can turn specific fields on and off by using the toggle to the right of the field. If all fields are turned off under a specific header, that section will not display in a contact record.

Turning On/Off Custom Fields

Add New Fields and Sections

You can add new fields to the Details, Employment, and Social Accounts sections. You can also add completely new sections specific to your organization.

To Add a New Field

  1. Click the green + icon at the end of the section
  2. Enter Field Name and choose Field Type
  3. Click Save

Adding new Custom Fields

To Add a Section

  1. At the bottom of the custom fields page, click the green + Add a New Section
  2. Enter Section Label → click Save

Adding new sections in Custom Fields

Delete Fields and Sections

You can only permanently delete custom fields and custom sections.

To Delete a Field

  1. Hover your mouse over the field or header
  2. A pencil icon will appear on the left side of the box
  3. Click on the Pencil Icon → Delete to the left of the save button

If you delete a field that contains data in a contact record, you will lose that information.

To Delete a Section

  1. Hover your mouse over the section header
  2. A pencil icon will appear on the left side of the box
  3. Click on the Pencil Icon → Delete to the left of the save button

Additional Details

Customize DirectLync Defined Fields

You can edit, delete and hide some of DirectLync default fields, but note that there are some fields that you cannot delete, remove, rename or change from mandatory settings. These DirectLync default fields are compulsory on the DirectLync platform. For example, Contact Information such as First and Last Name, Suffix and Prefix, etc. When you delete a picklist value, records that have the field value associated to it will not be deleted.

Custom Field Limits

There is a limit to the total number of fields that you can create in your account and a limit to the type of fields that you create. This varies based on your DirectLync subscription.

Custom Field Allowance

  • Basic: 10
  • Essential: 20
  • Pro: Unlimited
  • Premium: Unlimited

Custom Field Settings

When adding or editing a custom field, you are able to edit a field's basic properties and mark it as required.

Section Headers

You can change the names of the sections with exception to Contact Info and Company Info sections. The character limit for section headers is 50 characters.

Section header names can contain letters, number, and special characters.

Field Names

A field name has a limit of 50 characters allowed. Field names can contain letters, numbers, and special characters.

Field Types

We offer many different types depending on the data you would like to capture.

  • Checkbox
  • Currency
  • Day of the Week
  • Date
  • Dropdown List
  • Email
  • Month
  • Number
  • Percent
  • Phone Number
  • Radio Buttons