Our Story

We are here to change the status quo of how people are marketing today. We're a group of passionate digital marketers and entrepreneurs that realized marketing technology wasn't propelling us forward but rather causing more of a headache.

That's what drove the idea of DirectLync. Marketing technology should never be a pain, but a tool that helps you achieve your goals.

And we're all dedicated to sharing that vision with you.

Our Founder Story

Since the early 2000s, Kevin Lynch has been captivated by digital marketing software. Working around the clock, he developed enterprise software by day, while at night he helped small businesses build custom e-commerce and website content management systems.

It was during this time he realized that small businesses didn't have access to a consolidated platform with the tools they needed for sales and marketing. This type of robust platform was only available for large enterprises.

His passion just snowballed from there. He decided to leave his day job and set out to develop an easy-to-use platform that would have an impact on small business.

And here we are today. DirectLync was founded on the principle that custom design and integrated technology solutions should not be limited to enterprise corporations. Small businesses are the backbone of our global economy and they need to be equipped with easy-to-use, affordable, and comprehensive solutions.

"I realized that the siloed approach to marketing was an arduous experience for small businesses. It should be an exciting part of launching and building your company. I wanted to help other entrepreneurs' market themselves in an easy, impactful way that didn't require purchasing 4 different software platforms. And that wasn't out there yet."

Our Promise

Starts with you

We promise to always be open and listen to your feedback. It’s a two-way conversation that will continue to drive us, and you, forward.

and changing your mindset

We promise to change how you think of marketing technology. Remove the headaches so instead of asking yourself "why don't these analytics align?", you'll find yourself saying "I didn't know this could be so easy".

through thoughtful innovation

We promise that we will continue to embrace innovation and embark on thoughtful digital journeys that benefit you, our customer, first.

that propels your business forward.

We promise to continuously strive to equip you with easy-to-use, intuitive tools that help you achieve your most ambitious goals.

Bottom Line:

We're entrepreneurs who love collaborating with other entrepreneurs while helping their businesses grow.

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