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Email marketing automation user interface from DirectLync

Craft engaging emails that convert leads to sales with the drag & drop editor our users voted better than Mailchimp's.  Stop sending your leads generic emails. The best email marketing software for small businesses helps your content stand out from the rest.

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Create & Engage

Create email campaigns that engage your customers, boost traffic, and drive success with the all-in-one email marketing tool

drag and drop editor
Drag & Drop Editor

Email marketing automation tools for small businesses shouldn't be complicated. Our drag & drop email designer gives users the ultimate flexibility to easily create and edit professional-looking email marketing campaigns.

mobile responsive emails
Mobile Responsive

More than 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Our email marketing automation tool automatically optimizes your email marketing campaigns to ensure the best look for mobile and desktop while also allowing you to make custom edits for each screen size.

schedule or send emails
Send Now or Schedule Ahead

Email marketing lead generation made easy. Build personalized emails that you can immediately send to your contact list or save time by designing campaigns in advance and scheduling ahead.

customize email templates
Customizable Templates

Short on time? Browse our library of customizable, pre-designed templates when you don't have the bandwidth to create email campaigns from scratch.

Save Time With Automation

The best email marketing automation tools automate communications to reduce email marketing time

Infographic on what how to report email analytics data

Email marketing software for small businesses help you set up automated marketing communications based on event-based data that is custom to each customer or contact

Time-based email marketing campaign examples include:
  • Sign up anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Annual gift & donations
  • Time since last purchase + more!

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Email drip campaigns

Build email sequences that automatically engage leads for your business based on certain behavioral triggers

This frees up time your sales team spent communicating with customers and nurturing leads allowing you to tend to other important business opportunities. Triggers can include:

  • Email opens
  • Non-opens
  • Clicks
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Email autoresponder

Set up autoresponder emails with your forms to make communication more efficient and nurture new leads through unique journeys

Autoresponders are a great tool to keep the conversation going beyond a new form submission. Continue engaging potential customers by sharing relevant information or extending a simple Thank You.

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Resend to non opens

Boost email open rate by 30 percent when you resend unopened emails to contacts

Increase email marketing KPIs when you let DirectLync automatically re-engage your email list by resending unopened campaigns and valuable content to your contacts.

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Graph on how to analyze data using DirectLync's email marketing software

Test, Measure, Adjust & Optimize

Let your data do the decision-making when you track results and measure performance of your email marketing efforts

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Reporting & Analytics

Gain data-driven insight into how your email marketing campaigns resonate with your audience.  Email marketing software for small businesses allows you to make tweaks in real-time to improve your marketing efforts.

Cross-Channel Campaigns

Track specific goal-oriented performance when you use email marketing in tandem with other channels.  Take a holistic approach to your marketing.

A/B Testing

Test valuable content, optimize eye-catching campaigns and reduce time spent making 'the right decision' when you have real-time performance data at your fingertips.

Use Email Automation to Deliver Your Message

DirectLync is email marketing software for small businesses made easy. Streamline your email efforts with intuitive features everyone on your team can use.

Focus on creating personalized content and snappy subject lines and let DirectLync do the rest. Put your brand at the forefront of your customer's minds with emails that are sure to stand out in their inbox.

More Features

Do more with DirectLync

Personalize Campaigns

Drive success when you use merge tags & user-specific data to send personalized campaigns

Calendar View

A quick snapshot of recently sent and scheduled email campaigns


Grow your email marketing audience when you collect contacts with forms

Mobile View Editing

Know what your campaigns will look like on iPhones & Androids with mobile editing

Clone Campaigns

Save time by duplicating recurring campaigns and pre-existing styles


Increase open rates by sending relevant information to the right audience

Free Image Library

Spice up your marketing campaigns with images from our free, in-app library

GIFs & Video

Boost engagement and click-through rate with GIFs and videos


A snapshot view of all email activity, trending topics, and recent performance

FAQs About Email Marketing Software for Small Business

Still have more questions about email marketing automation software for small businesses? We hope the answers to these FAQs can help.

Why is email marketing important?

In the fast-paced world of marketing, email has withstood the test of time. The importance of email marketing is still extremely relevant to all businesses today. Not only is it an incredibly versatile marketing channel, but it's also cost-effective while still being customizable.

Email marketing is often an affordable way to connect with a wide variety of existing customers and leads. Email marketing software for small businesses empowers teams to make the most of this profitable channel.

What can email be used for?

Email is one of the most versatile communication tools for businesses large and small. You can utilize email marketing for customer acquisition, promotions, and more. Goals can be as broad as collecting contact information and email addresses or as niche as cross-promoting social media campaigns or reconnecting with disengaged customers.

What are the benefits of automating email marketing?

When you use email marketing software for small businesses to automate this process, your organization can benefit from:

  • Improved customer and lead engagement
  • Sending emails on time and never missing important dates
  • Reduced unopened or unsubscribed rates
  • Personalized email campaigns improved by segmentation
  • Detailed reporting 
  • And more
Email marketing tips for small businesses

Email marketing software for small businesses is all about the balance of personalization and efficiency. With DirectLync, small businesses never have to sacrifice one for the other.

When creating an email marketing campaign, remember to:

  • Engage customers with valuable content, GIFs, images, and more
  • Keep it relevant to your audience
  • Prioritize the privacy of your leads
  • Test subject lines before delivery
  • Personalize emails with names
  • Utilize every word (including preview text)