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Nurture Your Audience, Grow Your Business

Contact Management at DirectLync

Increase sales opportunities by easily managing key customer relationships. DirectLync keeps contacts organized and stores important information about your customers as you lead them through your sales pipelines.

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Organize & Segment

Keep your audience organized as you grow

DirectLync makes it easy to segment your audience. Placing your contacts into specific groups based on data from behavior, activity, and demographics allows you to target segments that are most relevant to your marketing communications and sales efforts.


Custom Fields

Customize DirectLync’s Contact Manager to fit your business’s unique needs. Custom fields allow you to collect & track the customer data and information you care about most.


Create custom groups to organize your contacts based on your business’s unique needs. This also lets you target specific segments with personalized communications.

Auto Grouping

Put contact relationship management on autopilot by letting DirectLync automatically segment contacts based on behaviors and activity.

Deeper Audience Insights

Success starts with understanding your audience

Increase sales opportunities by leveraging relationships with new and existing customers when you gather, store, and analyze important data with DirectLync.

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Contact Record

Contact records organize all necessary data of a customer or lead allowing your team to track engagement with your business through automatic activity monitoring.​​​​

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Understand how contacts engage with your brand

With activity tracking, you can monitor how and when a contact engages with your brand online. View engagement data from email marketing and form submissions while gaining insight into key opportunities with individual contacts.

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Easily Import Contacts

Quickly add new customers to your contact lists from any page within DirectLync. Migrating contacts from another CRM or database? Upload pre-existing lists and data in bulk.

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Increased Opportunities For Success

Unleash your business's full earning potential

Our sales tools allow you to track and capitalize on key opportunities to engage your audience, convert leads to sales, and drive revenue.

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Contact Score

Reduce time spent qualifying leads when you know which contacts are most engaged.

Sales Pipeline

Build custom sales pipelines that provide unity, clarity, and identifiable opportunities.

Tasks & Reminders

Increase productivity when you keep your team aligned with tasks & reminders.

More Features

Do more with DirectLync

Customizable Stages

Customize your customer journey to your team's needs with an editable sales pipeline

Marketing Dashboard

A snapshot view of how marketing efforts impact your contact manager

Sales Dashboard

A snapshot view of financial opportunity stages, tasks, and contact data

Advanced Filters

Execute contact searches with detailed precision when you use advanced filters

Merge Contacts

Keep your CRM clean when you merge duplicate contact records

Child Groups

Get granular with your segmentation by adding groups within your groups

Customizable View

A customizable dashboard allows you to view your data your way

Upload & Store Files

Centralize the documents that matter most to your team's success


Organizations lets you add businesses and their information to your DirectLync contact manager