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Save time and get more done when you put important business tasks and marketing communications on autopilot.

The best marketing automation for small businesses to streamline operations.

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Email Marketing Automations

Increase conversion opportunities, engage customers, and nurture leads with ease

Email automations function in the background decreasing time spent manually communicating while still giving you the ability to nurture your audience with personalized messaging and engaging content.  The strategic marketing automation keeps you connected with your audience while you can focus on other essential operations to improve your business's bottom line.

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Time-Based Automations

Set up automated marketing communications based on event-based data that is custom to each customer or contact. Examples of data include: sign-up anniversaries, birthdays, annual gifts & donations, time since last purchase + more!  Easily tailor your email marketing efforts to any occasion.

drip campaigns
Drip Campaigns

Build email sequences that automatically send to your contact list based on certain behavioral triggers. This frees up time spent communicating with leads allowing you to tend to other important business opportunities. Triggers can include: email opens; non-opens, & clicks.

Automation - A/B Testing
A/B Testing

Convert more leads when you send email campaigns that actually work. Automatically test variations of your campaigns based on variables like subject line; time of day, and content to know what performs best as part of your marketing campaign. DirectLync will automatically send the best-performing emails to your contacts.


Set up autoresponder emails with your forms to make communication more efficient and nurture new leads through unique journeys.  Let your sales team focus on other tasks while growing your business through savvy, personalized automation workflows.

Automation - respond to non opens
Resend To Non-Opens

Boost email open rate by 30 percent when you resend unopened emails to contacts. Increase email marketing KPIs when you let DirectLync small business marketing automation re-engage your email list by resending unopened campaigns to your contacts.

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Automated Groups

Increase sales & engagement with segmentation

Put contact relationship management on autopilot by letting DirectLync digital marketing automation tools segment contacts based on behaviors and activity.

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Automated Reports

Performance reports delivered directly to your team

Receive weekly or monthly automated reports about your marketing & sales performance directly to your inbox. Customize by channel and frequency to never miss a beat to improve your marketing strategies.

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