What's the difference between a hard bounce and soft bounce? 

Bounces are email messages returned to the sender for one of many possible reasons. The reasons fall into two primary categories:

  • Hard Bounces 
  • Soft Bounces 


Hard Bounce

Hard bounces typically occur when a recipient’s email does not exist, or they are on a bounce list. Please contact support@directlync.com if you notice bounces for a valid email address.


Soft Bounce

Soft bounces occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common are:

  • Recipient’s mailbox is full
  • Recipient’s mailbox is not configuring correctly
  • Recipient’s email server is down
  • Recipient’s spam filters rejected the email


If you have any other questions regarding this topic or any other features in DirectLync, please reach out to our support team support@directlync.com  at any time.

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