Importing Your Contacts To DirectLync

For a video tutorial on importing your contacts, watch the video below.

Step 1. Upload File

  1. In your Contacts Module, Click Import to begin
  2. Select the Choose a File button to upload a list from your computer files. (Your file must be a .CSV file (comma separated value) to upload successfully in DirectLync.)
  3. Check the box if you confirm that your contact list abides by CAN-SPAM law
  4. Confirm → Next to continue

Step 2. Validate File

  1. Review the information and mapped fields
  2. Map any unmatched fields with the dropdown field menu
  3. Skip fields you would not like to upload

Contact Import List

  1. Click Next to confirm mapped fields for upload

Note that any skipped columns that were left unmatched will not be imported to DirectLync.

Step 3. Assign Contacts to Groups

  1. Click + next to the group(s) to add your contacts to that group during import
  2. Click Save & Next

You do not have to assign your contacts to a group at this point. To continue without assigning to a group, select Skip This Step. You can also create a new group for these contacts by clicking Here in the subtext under Step 3.

Step 4. Review and Confirm Import

  1. Click Import to add the contacts in your file to DirectLync

Step 5. Awaiting Import

Once the contacts have been Imported you will receive email when the import is completed.

Import Success Message

How to Check Import Status

You can check the status of your Imports on the Import History link on the right side of your screen.

  1. In your Contacts Module, Click Import
  2. On the import page, scroll to the right
  3. Click the Import History link
  4. You will see the status of each import here.
    • Completed - your file has successfully uploaded to DirectLync
    • Pending - Your file is currently in the process of being uploaded to DirectLync, but is not ready yet.
    • Failed - Your file has failed to upload. Check the file format (must be .CSV). If the problem persists, contact support@directlync.com.

Add to a Group After Import is Complete

  1. In your Contacts Module, Click Import
  2. On the import page, scroll to the right
  3. Click the Import History link
  4. In Import History, click the action icon (•••) to assign all the contacts in the file to a group or a contact type.

Screenshot of import history page

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