How to Whitelist DirectLync's Sender / Domain

DirectLync sends emails to your account inbox to notify and inform you of events such as test emails, form submissions, file imports, file exports, system updates, and more. If emails sent from DirectLync are resulting in bounces our landing in your SPAM or Junk folder, you can take action and improve the deliverability of these emails. Most spam filters allow you to whitelist a sender (like DirectLync) by adding their domain or IP address.

Whitelisting a sender or domain

You can create a "safe sender" list or whitelist through your email provider. If you are using a free provider like Yahoo or Google, you can find whitelisting instructions in their help documentation. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, you may need to move emails from DirectLync into your inbox. The following is a list of emails that DirectLync uses to communicate to customers:

Search for these emails in your spam or junk folder. Then, you can mark these emails as "Not Junk" and move to your inbox.

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