Can I customize my CRM dashboard?

You cannot customize your own Dashboard. However, we've pre-populated the Marketing and Sales Dashboard with the most popular reports. Those reports are:

Marketing Dashboard:

  • Contacts by Score
  • Contacts by Source
  • Opportunities by Source
  • Opportunities by Stage
  • Contacts by Type
  • Recently Viewed Contacts - (Contact, Company, Score, and Stage are shown)
  • Engaged Leads
  • Opportunities by Industry
  • Opportunities by Company Size

Sales Dashboard:

  • Opportunities by Stage
  • Upcoming Tasks
  • Contacts by Type
  • Opportunities by Source
  • Scheduled Activity
  • Scheduled Meetings
  • Recently Viewed Contacts
  • Engaged Leads

On the Marketing Dashboard, what do the different colors for Contacts by Score mean?

  • Yellow = Cold Contacts
    • 1% to 25% of Contact Score
  • Orange = Warm Contacts
    • 26% to 75% of Contact Score
  • Red = Hot Contacts
    • 76% to 100% of Contact Score
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