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Smak Parlour Clothing Boutique

Transforming an exclusively brick and mortar retail store into a multi-channel business by leveraging DirectLync's email marketing module.

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  • Social Media Strategy

Smak Parlour is a Philadelphia women's boutique and apparel brand specializing in contemporary fashion with a retro flare.

After a successful 13 years at their brick & mortar location, Smak Parlour knew it was time to focus on a strategy that would allow them to expand their reach beyond the Greater Philadelphia Area. Although no stranger to the online space, Smak Parlour had yet to invest the time or resources necessary to establish as an integral channel in their marketing strategy.

Model in Smak Parlour clothing lunging in style.

In early 2018, Smak Parlour implemented a marketing channels strategy that would transform the way they do business. The boutique began to focus on omni-channel campaigns that would drive online consumers directly to their website.

It was time for DirectLync.

Smak Parlour sought out an email marketing tool to support these efforts. It was necessary for the tool to not only be easy to use, but also for it to be able to scale as their database continued to grow. Directlync was the perfect option.

Smak Parlour was able to segment their large email list, maintain a consistent email marketing schedule, and easily craft beautifully designed emails-all while receiving informed insights & reporting to better guide their marketing decisions.

Smak parlour Email design on mobile phone
Smak parlour Email design on mobile phone
Smak parlour Email design on mobile phone
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"After implementing DirectLync's email marketing module into our channel strategy, Smak Parlour more than doubled traffic to our website, and increased our online revenue by more than 600%."
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