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Turning a website into a community that fuels positive relationships.

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About PACT

PACT is a Los Angeles based nonprofit organization that awakens the power of self-worth and cultivates lifelong tools to strengthen relationships, on and offline.

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A website that brings PACT to life

PACT had a website that was out of date in content and design. They knew it was time for a new website but didn't know where to start or how to create a site that would be visually appealing to their audience.

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"I was dreading making the change even though I knew I needed something new. I didn't know what I was doing. I know I needed a new website, but I didn't know how to translate my brand message to a website."

They contacted DirectLync in hopes of building a website that speaks to their mission of empowering young women. PACT has two symbols - the hummingbird and the peacock -that embody their core values of power, advocacy, choice, & triumph. With that knowledge, we were able to design the perfect website, meeting place, and resource center for young women all over.

And the impact was immediate. Not only did it help them build a digital brand identity that spoke to both donors and prospective clients, but also saved the team time by being able to send people to the site for information instead of communicating via email and phone calls.

Expanding our presence through digital marketing

Since their website was built on the DirectLync platform, PACT had access to the other features the platform has to offer. After trying different digital marketing software, they decided to solely use DirectLync for their email marketing and website forms.

Previously, PACT wasn't capturing any contact information on their site. By using forms, they now capture volunteer outreaches and newsletter sign ups, making it easier to keep donors and clients in the loop.

"I love the concept of a one-stop shop. I switched from Mailchimp because I wanted all my tools in one place. The transition was easy and it's simple for my team to use."
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"As a founder of a non-profit, I have a lot of tasks on my plate and I felt like I was repeating myself because we didn't have the right website or communication strategy in place. The new website, content, and visuals captured our brand and our mission making my job easier and freeing me up to spend more time with clients and speaking to donors."
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