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Danaher Lynch Family Foundation

Taking a brand from word of mouth to a well-executed digital presence

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About DLFF

Danaher Lynch Family Foundation (DLFF) is a non-profit foundation built to help their local community realize their own potential. The foundation primarily focuses on supporting education by investing in students and local Catholic schools.

DLFF was growing so quickly they didn't have the time to truly build their brand. DirectLync helped the foundation build an identity that embodied their core values and mission.

Logo Design

DLFF is a private family foundation that brings together two families. We wanted to create a logo that equally represented both of their lineages and created a sense of pride in their heritage. The logo brings together both family crests and colors into one unified circle. As a whole, the logo is a stamp that signifies the lasting impact the foundation makes on students and the community.

DLFF website on all devices

Website Design

Before DLFF engaged DirectLync, they were gaining local awareness solely through word of mouth and relied on foundation employees to bring DLFF to life through conversations. They didn't have a website that told their story to the community and they wanted to highlight the DLFF scholarship program to prospective students.

"Our goal was to build a digital presence for the organization and expand it from just word of mouth to build more exposure in the community. We knew we needed a website; we just didn't know how to build one that would be impactful and tell our story." - Pam, Director of Community Services, DLFF

DirectLync designed and built a website that brought their story to the community and acts as a foundation for their digital presence. The website speaks to multiple audiences - current and prospective scholarship students, their parents, and potential grantees. The website also highlights the DLFF scholarship program and the impact that the current scholarship recipients are making on their community. The results - increased exposure and time saved!

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"We were using paper for all of our scholarship applications. Now, we have an online application on our website that makes it easy for students and saves us a tremendous amount of time."

Digital Marketing Platform

Contact Manager

DLFF can now segment their contacts into different audiences for more targeted communications. After they send an email, they can track how contacts respond and interact with their content.

Email Marketing

They switched from sending group emails from Microsoft Outlook to now sending them through DirectLync, enabling them to get more data. With DirectLync's email editor, creating emails is easy and they are more visually appealing.

Website CMS

DLFF creates and promotes upcoming events on their website with the Events tool. Post-event, they add photos to galleries that showcase each event to share with the students and their parents.

The Impact

"DirectLync helped us build our digital presence and communicate our message to stand out from other organizations in the area. We were able to better understand our audience and how to tailor our message specifically to each audience both on our website and in our digital marketing efforts."
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