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Conwell-Egan Catholic High School

Elevating a brand across channels to speak to different audiences

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Conwell-Egan Catholic High School is a co-ed Catholic High School for grades 9 -12 located in Fairless Hills, PA. After years of a having a stagnant brand, Conwell-Egan Catholic High School (CEC) needed to revamp their marketing efforts in order build a more modern digital presence and speak to all audiences: current and prospective students and parents, alumni, and donors.

Brochures for Conwell Egan

Website Redesign

As CEC began to build outreach initiatives to their different audiences, they recognized that they were outgrowing their website. Their current site was templated, hard to customize, and outdated.

We performed research to understand each of their audiences. Most importantly, we paid close attention to how current and prospective students would be using their website. We reorganized and restructured their content to make it easier to find information and learn about the school while incorporating the new brand identity.

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"We were using a WordPress site that I was unhappy with because of the generic template. It was extremely hard to customize areas of the website and this started to become a problem for us as we started expanding our programs and marketing the school. We choose DirectLync because they offered the CMS option while still having the ability to customize the website the way we wanted it to be."

Social Media Strategy

As part of CEC's overall strategy to build brand awareness and engage the community, they wanted to increase their social media presence. They recognized that they currently didn't really have a social strategy. They needed some direction on how to use each channel effectively and ensure the brand is consistent across channels.

DirectLync's social media strategy gave CEC a clear plan of which channels to use for each of their target audiences. The strategy included the different types of content to post on each channel and creative brand assets that matched their new identity, giving them a consistent brand across all digital and print assets.

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"Our social media pages weren't consistent before. It was a random collage and we didn't tell a story with our brand on social. We were recently recognized for excelling the most on social media compared to our local competition."
Brochures for Conwell Egan


With CEC's new brand and driving initiative to increase marketing efforts, they needed a platform that could help execute their marketing strategy. With the DirectLync platform as the backbone to their website, they are able to make content edits, add events to their site, schedule social media posts, and gain integrated insights across all channels to track performance.

CEC Email design on mobile phone
CEC Email design on mobile phone
CEC Email design on mobile phone

The Impact

The overall brand has gained attention from students, parents, alumni, and local competitors. Admissions have increased and students are applying to the school at a faster rate than CEC's previous year. The alumni are starting to get more involved and recognize the online presence. Alumni web submissions have drastically increased since the launch of their new site.

Not only is the community taking notice, but the digital presence has been easier for the team to manage. They can quickly make changes, add new events to their site, and socialize new programs across channels. Without the time wasted on the hassle of a template, they can now spend more time developing new programs.

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