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About Chuck's BBQ

Chuck's BBQ is an authentic Texas-style BBQ joint located in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Other than serving up tasty BBQ at their take-out shop, they cater a variety of events with their food truck, The Chuckwagon.

As Chuck's BBQ approached their grand opening on February 14th, 2018, they needed a solid plan to build an online presence and promote their new business. Understanding the importance of digital marketing, Chuck's wanted to utilize multiple digital channels to hype up their grand opening and drive attendance to their restaurant and events, but they didn't know where to start.

They needed a partner that would help them successfully launch their business through digital marketing.

We Started with the Look

They had three unique parts of their business - a restaurant, food truck, and catering service. Since the restaurant and food truck focused on serving Texas-style BBQ, the logos we created incorporated a Texas flair. All three logos were different but carried similar elements throughout their design to keep align the brand.

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"We wanted each of our logos to represent the Texas roots of our BBQ. Each logo has a unique way of visually showing who we are and what we do. The unique visuals have helped us build our local brand."
Chucks BBQ website on all devices

A Mouth-watering Website

Their responsive website brings their menu to life with mouth-watering imagery and a unique Texas-inspired style. It is simple for user to view their menu and catering options, while also being able to order online. Chuck's can easily create and manage events on their website through the DirectLync platform and individually promote their restaurant, food truck, and catering.

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"Our website showcases the personality in our food and is easy for our customers to navigate. The site is always changing with new events, menu updates, and announcements. It's very easy for us to update content and events in the DirectLync platform."

A Digital Marketing Strategy That Works

Our team created and executed a digital marketing strategy for Chuck's that aimed to generate brand awareness and drive sales for Chuck's restaurant, catering service, and food truck. With DirectLync's reporting feature, Chuck's can see which social media posts and emails perform well, as well as track their overall growth, during any given time frame.

By investing in digital marketing with DirectLync, Chuck's BBQ had close to 1,000 website hits on their opening day and quickly grew to nearly 2,000 followers on Facebook. They were able to successfully launch their restaurant and continue to rapidly build their online presence - all with the power of DirectLync.

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