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About AmBoh

Holly Miller is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and entrepreneur who developed AmBoh to revolutionize the way families manage their health and wellness through doTERRA's pure essential oils. Her brand brings a fun and inviting approach to sharing the benefits of the essential oils that have been keeping Holly's family and her customers healthy for years.

With her rapidly growing community of doTERRA users, Holly knew that it was time to invest more into her brand. Her goal was to increase her reach and expand her audience beyond her local contacts. She needed to build an online presence that expressed her brand and could speak to the digital consumer.

Bringing AmBoh to Life

The first part of expanding AmBoh was to craft a visual identity that embodied the characteristics of the brand. Before DirectLync, Holly didn't have a logo, style guide, or marketing materials. She worked with our design team to create an identity that embodied the fun and inspiring personality of AmBoh and doTERRA oils.

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"I am a bit quirky, fun, and unique and I feel like the logo captures those characteristics and embodies my brand. I loved the overall result!"

Building a Flexible Website Unique to AmBoh

The next step was pairing the new identity with a unique digital presence. Holly knew that in order to reach today's buyer, it required a website that was visually appealing and spoke to her target audience.

She also needed the flexibility to easily display and update her product success stories and featured oils. After trying different options, Holly reached out to DirectLync to help her build a website unique to her brand and her needs.

DirectLync helped Holly build the site she envisioned. With a website built on the platform, Holly is able to easy change products, features, upcoming events, and more on her own without breaking the template.

Amboh website on all devices
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"I tried to build my own website, but it was insanely difficult. I was using a drag and drop template, but it was hard to use and so much work. I didn't have the time and felt like I was spinning my wheels. DirectLync made it easy for me."

Reaching the Right Audience through Social Media

Like many small business owners, Holly knew social media was an untapped resource to reach her customers, but she didn't know how to effectively leverage each channel.

DirectLync performed a social media audit and detailed channel strategy for AmBoh. By performing in-depth industry, competitor, and audience research, we were able to help Holly identify the right channels for her business. The overall strategy included content recommendations, engagement tips and tricks, and effective social media tactics to help AmBoh build brand awareness and turn followers into sales.

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Executing with the DirectLync Platform

The #1 benefit of a website built by the DirectLync team is the power of the DirectLync platform. AmBoh leverages the platform to:

  • Make content changes on
  • Manage customer, prospect, and team member information
  • Create and send email newsletters with featured products and success stories
"DirectLync is allowing me to tap into a whole different resource [digital marketing] that I was unable to achieve before. It is helping me build trust with my customers online."
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