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What’s New in DirectLync: Summer 2019

by Christine Williams
Read Time: 4 minutes
What’s New in DirectLync: Summer 2019

Summer brings sunshine, flip flops, and exciting updates in DirectLync! Maybe one of those isn’t like the others, but we promise that these updates will make you happier and your life easier this summer and beyond.  

With every feature update, we think about our users and how changes to DirectLync will create a better experience and make teams more efficient. These updates do just that.  

Here’s a recap of our Summer 2019 updates:

  • Custom Fields
  • Import Mapping
  • Contact Record Design 
  • Contact Card & Easy Search

As a whole, these updates help to give a more comprehensive view of your contacts, no matter your industry. Our goal is to allow each company using DirectLync to have the flexibility needed to communicate and market to customers effectively. Here’s what you need to know to start using these updates.

1. Create your own contact fields

First off, we have custom fields. We know every business is different, and the information each company needs to collect is different. That’s why we built custom fields in DirectLync. 

What are custom fields?

Custom fields allow you to manage fields in your contact record. You can add sections that are important to your business, remove the areas that aren’t, and require specific fields. That's right; you can create any field you wish to collect relevant information about each lead or customer in your database. You can even turn off some of the default fields, ensuring only the most pertinent data shows in contact records.

When should I use a custom field? 

Custom fields are used when you need to collect and store a unique value or information that isn't already collected in a default field.  

It’s essential that you think through your custom fields before you implement them. Start with determining the purpose of the field and then think about how it should be formatted. You can choose from nine different format options for your field: Checkboxes, currency, date, dropdown, number, percent, radio button, text, and URL.  

How can I create a custom field? 

Creating your fields is easy. Once you’ve determined the fields that you need, head to settings in the Contact Module to start customizing. Check out our detailed FAQ or video tutorial on how to use custom fields before you get started. 



2. Importing has never been easier

You spoke, we listened! You no longer have to use our template to upload your contacts. We’ve updated the importing process to include field mapping, making it easy for you to upload new lists. 

All you need to do is upload your .csv file and voila! With a few clicks, you can match fields in your list with active fields in DirectLync. You can even match with any custom fields you’ve created for your contacts. 


3. Keep important contact details at your fingertips

With our latest design update, you’ll never lose sight of your contact as you dive into their record. All of the primary contact details are located on the left-hand side of the record. You can now tab through to expand on their activity, correspondence, and groups without leaving behind necessary contact details. 

Alleviate those extra tabs! Not only is this update easier on the eyes, but it also helps your sales teams keep the most relevant details handy while they add or view correspondence and other activities. 


4. Search & add contacts from anywhere in DirectLync

Did you forget to add a contact to a group, and you didn't realize it until you’re about to send the email? With search and contact cards, you’ll never have to interrupt your workflow again. 

Contact cards

A contact card is a quick view of your contact with basic information. You’ll see contact cards within multiple areas of DirectLync – contact search, groups, organizations, and email marketing reports. Contact cards allow you to view details and recent email activity as well as make changes to a contact’s groups and correspondence.


We’ve added a search functionality at the top of your toolbar that searches your entire contact list. From here, you can view and edit a contact. You can even quickly add a new contact.  

These features are just the beginning of the exciting updates that are coming your way in 2019! We are continuing to create a platform that's your one-stop shop for all things sales and marketing. Check out our video tutorials and FAQs section for detailed walkthroughs of each feature.