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What does your beer preference say about you?

by Sierra Carter Gordon
Read Time: 4 minutes

We know we’re a digital marketing platform, but we have to provide some fun, light hearted content once in a while! Something that you may know about us is that we’re big beer drinkers over here-- we actually have quite a few friends in the beer industry that you might recognize below. In honor of #NationalBeerDay, we took a deep dive into some of our favorite beers and what those beers say about the people that drink them.

Keep reading to find out what your beer preference says about you.


You tend not to sweat the small stuff.

People have told you that you have an old soul— it’s almost like you’ve been here before. You like what you like and you have a clear picture of the path ahead. You appreciate craftsmanship and attention to detail and try to share this and try to help others around you in on life’s little secrets that you’ve picked up over your years. You value life’s simplest pleasures and tend not to sweat the small stuff. 

We Suggest Philadelphia’s light beer, Kenwood’s Original: American Style Light Lager.


You’re a leader, love new things, and others often look to you for guidance. 

You’re definitely not afraid to try new things— in fact, you often yearn for new experiences. You soak up knowledge and lessons from even the smallest experience. You are adventurous and often find yourself bored quickly when things get repetitive, but nevertheless, you always give 110%. You play hard but work harder, and you appreciate the small nuances of life’s everyday experiences. 

We Suggest: Evil Genius’ new Ermahgerd Skurtles— a lip puckering sour brewed with SKITTLES and finished with key lime and sweet cherry.


We get it. You like hops.

It’s your go-to. In general, you are passionate about things that you like. You like to kick back and enjoy the fruit of your looms. You have your go-to styles of everything. You are consistent, dependable. Measured, you think things through rather than just jumping into something. 

Try any of the delicious IPAs from Evil Genius. We can personally vouch that you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Double or Triple IPA

Ok, you really really like hops.

Scroll back up to IPA and multiple by two or three.

Try Human Robot’s Lupulus Maelstrom Double IPA.


You’re not into the extra bells and whistles. 

You’re a straight shooter. You’re not interested in the extra bells and whistles when it comes to beer, food, and most other aspects of your everyday life. When you are assigned a task or have something to tick off your daily to-do list, you get it done— no questions asked. If you have somewhere to be, 9.5 times out 10, you’ll be there early. When you want to shake things up, you might go for wheat beer. 

Pick up a pack of Il Cielo by Human Robot— an Italian style pilsner that comes highly recommended from Christina Dowd, CEO of Philly Loves Beer. 

Stout or Porter

You’re distinguished and others may find your refined palette surprising. 

You sly fox you. You like to take a cautioned walk on the wild side. You enjoy great conversation and meeting new people. Just like a stout or a pilsner, you thrive off of life’s complexities. You enjoy the finer things in life and can appreciate the finer details. Some might say that you’re dark and mysterious just like your go-to beer. 

You should definitely head down to Varga Bar at 9th and Spruce and ask for the 2sp Baby Bob Stout. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll definitely meet some great people.

Pale Ale

You like what you like and aren’t always quick to try new things.

You like what you like, and we’re not mad at that! You have small rituals and a very specific way of doing things which lends itself to consistency and productivity. You almost always meet your deadlines and often find yourself with time to spare. 

Although you may not always want to, you’re at least willing to try new things you’ll try, but chances are if Yard’s Pale Ale is on the menu, you’re ordering one.


People really like you. You bring a light hearted energy to the mix. 

You like to have fun and tend to bring a light hearted energy to the mix which your peers really appreciate. You might not always be down for beer, but you’ll never pass up a good outing to a brewery. 

The weather is starting to heat up a bit! Pick up a pack of You’re Killin Me Small Raspberry Shandy by Evil Genius.