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5 Ways to Support Your Local Small Businesses During the Coronavirus Crisis

by Justine Pantaleo
Read Time: 5 minutes
Ways to Support Businesses During the Coronavirus Outbreak

How are you doing during the pandemic? We know it’s a scary time for everyone, affecting families' lives personally and professionally. At DirectLync, we are here to help you during this time of need.

Since DirectLync is a Pennsylvania based company, we understand the struggles that everyone is going through. For all size businesses, everyone is experiencing the struggle of staying open and working from home, if that’s even an option for your business. With the advisory and guidelines set by the CDC and Governor Wolf, all non-essential businesses are closed. Without the ability to go to a restaurant, gym, or even socialize in person; people have to adjust their daily lives. For example, on social media platforms, people are sharing advice on the health benefits of staying home as well as how to obtain groceries and other house essentials without leaving your home.

And it is not only affecting Pennsylvania but everyone in the country and around the world. As I look at what every community is facing, it has become clear that we all need to stand together more than ever before, to support our communities. JPMorgan Chase did a study that said, on average, companies with fewer than 500 employees have less than a month of cash reserves. Think about it, your favorite restaurant, hair salon, and pub may eventually close because they aren’t able to withstand this strain on their business. So, with that in mind, it’s up to us to support local businesses in our community.

We have put together five ways you can help support your local community and small businesses.


1. Order Takeout or Delivery

As we all know, businesses have to be closed, but that’s no reason why you cannot support them from the comfort of your couch. As a member of your local community, now you have the opportunity to support your favorite restaurants by ordering takeout and having it delivered to your house, rather than picking it up.

By doing so, you are financially supporting the business, as well as supporting delivery drivers. A lot of food delivery services and restaurants have set guidelines in place to ensure safe deliveries. Not only are restaurants delivering, but grocery stores like Whole Foods allow you to purchase online and have all your groceries delivered to your house.


How to support:

Choose two days throughout the week to order delivery from your favorite local restaurants. These small purchases can help local businesses stay on their feet throughout this uncertain time.


2. Shop Local Businesses Online

We all love to shop, especially when we are bored and quarantined. I am a victim of this 🤦‍♀️.

You may not be able to wear new clothes outside of the house; however, the smallest purchase can help. For instance, surprise your child with a new toy from the local toy store or buy yourself a quarantine sweater. Every community should help support their local stores, and this is just one of the ways you can!


How to support:

Identify 2 or 3 of your favorite local stores. If they have an online store, buy at least one thing from them. It doesn’t have to be clothing; it can be material items as well. Even with a small purchase, it could make a big difference for that business owner. 



3. Buy Gift Cards

One thing you could do without purchasing clothes or material goods from a store is to purchase gift cards instead. You may not even need a gift card right now, but you can save it. In these times, a little gesture like purchasing a gift card is helpful and meaningful to a small business. They see that their customers value them and are willing to help them maintain financial stability. That gift card purchase sends money to the business and helps them stay afloat through these hard times. 


How to support:

When shopping online, purchase a gift card along with that item that caught your eye. If they do not have an online store, reach out to the business owner via their website or social media to ask how to purchase a gift card. No matter if you spend $10, $20, or $100, businesses will be thankful for your support. 



4. Offer Your Support

So many wonderful people have been working hard to keep supermarkets, hospitals, and other essential workplaces open. Show your gratitude to the people working tirelessly restocking grocery stores or risking their health to tend to sick people in hospitals. Whether you are food shopping or on the phone with a doctor, we need to be sure to thank and support every worker we see. A thank you comes a long way in a time of crisis.


How to support:

There are many ways you can offer your support. This is the time to put your skills to use. If you are able, offer to go shopping for an older person that should not leave their house. If you are a teacher, create a YouTube channel to help the kids at home or offer advice to any of the parents that are teaching their children. If you know a hospital worker, send them flowers to show your appreciation. 


5. Make Donations

With many people out of a job or unable to afford food, there are additional constraints on non-profit organizations. Donations are an option for people who have the financial ability to donate during this uncertain time. Right now, it is the time to help others in need, so offer a donation if you can. 


How to support:

If you can write a check or make a snack/meal to provide to a local shelter or food pantry, it may save someone’s life. If you write a check, you are providing a company with a little financial backbone. If you do something such as preparing a meal, it helps to provide for those in need.



Stay Strong

While we are living in this coronavirus pandemic, we all need to work together to make it through this crisis. When it comes to small businesses, they stand steady, and their doors stay open because of their customers. Keep being their customers and support them from your couch, kitchen table, or bed. We can all get through this pandemic together and make it out stronger than ever.