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8 Reasons Why Small Businesses Love DirectLync

by Justine Pantaleo
Read Time: 8 minutes
DirectLync Marketing & Sales Tool

“As a former small business owner, I recognize both the important role small businesses play in our economy and the broad universe of challenges that small business owners face in trying to make ends meet.”
– Sue Kelly

Your small business is like your child. You put your blood, sweat, and tears into making it successful. So, when you are ready to make an investment in people or tools, you want to be confident that it’s the right choice. You want to ensure that they care about making your business successful.

At DirectLync, we understand what it is like to be in your shoes.  We value each and every small business that uses our platform or services. Our goal is to help grow your business; that’s why we created DirectLync. We found creative experts in specific fields and built a team with your needs and goals in mind.

And our customers love what we’ve created. Here are 8 reasons why you should choose DirectLync to help your business grow.


1. Everything in one place

Small businesses always have their plates full of multiple responsibilities. Building a business is not as easy as it seems. Many factors go into it – branding, marketing, sales, operations, and more. DirectLync was built with everything you need to market and sell your business in mind. We offer services and a digital marketing platform that’s designed to make your life easier. Most small businesses don’t realize how to use digital marketing to grow their business, or that there is a simple platform you can use to execute your strategy efficiently.  

Cue DirectLync…

DirectLync is a digital marketing company that provides you with the services and solutions you need to take your business from word of mouth marketing into the world of digital.

Our all-inclusive digital marketing platform allows you to manage your everyday sales and marketing tools in one place, saving you time and helping you better connect with people. With everything you need to make digital marketing easy, you can spend more time doing what matters – growing your business.


2. Built for small businesses

When building the DirectLync platform, we recognized the biggest frustration for small businesses. They are continually facing complications when navigating complex marketing and sales tools. We set out to create a simplified platform.

DirectLync is known for its easy-to-use navigation. Our entire platform, from CRM to email to our website module, was built with a small business in mind. You no longer have to deal with broken templates, hard coding, or platform integrations; it’s all in DirectLync for you. The best part, we get you implemented for free! We'll help you set up DirectLync explicitly for your business.

“DirectLync has been an incredible asset for our small but fast-growing company. The ease of the platform has not only helped with time management but makes multitasking a breeze.” – Owner, Rentall Affairs


3. Personalize your communications

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool allows you to create those same personalized connections you have with your customers in person, but digitally and at scale.

You can talk to someone, in person, about the products or services that fit their specific needs. This doesn't have to change when you start communicating digitally.  Your website, emails, social, and more can still have a personal touch. You just need to be organized to do it.

In a CRM, you can track what stage of the journey your customers or leads are in; and use that to your advantage when curating an email. For example, if a lead submits a contact form about your services, you can send a follow-up email. In the email, be specific about the services the lead requested about, instead of a general email. This builds personalization. By knowing information about your customers and following their journey, you can build stronger relationships.

“DirectLync is easy to use and tracks response. I use it to communicate with clients in smaller, more focused groups. This has helped me get info out about specific products and services to those who will truly benefit from it”– Mike, Managing Director, Fields Printwear


4. Make professional emails

Give your emails some color and life with professional email marketing. With the ability to design elegant, responsive emails, you will be able to grab your contact’s attention. With our drag and drop editor, making emails is a breeze. 

Not only did we make the process of creating an email easy and fun, but we also have merge tags. Merge tags give you the ability to personalize the email you are sending. Instead of just a broad hello to your contacts, you can include Hi {{FirstName}}, which will automatically insert your contacts name when the email is sent. Isn’t that just so handy!

“We made the switch from Mailchimp to DirectLync, and we’re in love with the platform! Building emails is easy, and there is more flexibility with the design. We’ve seen a major boost in sales from our email campaigns since we made the switch.” – Sierra, Marketing Manager, Smak Parlour


5. RSS feeds and social trends

Having live updates on news and social trends when creating content is essential. Small businesses don’t always have the time to research trends, but this DirectLync tool allows you to stay up-to-date right in the platform. Adding these live updates and trends into your marketing strategy will help you relate and engage your audience. You’ll never miss a beat.

For instance, make your email tone or message related to something that is happening in pop culture that month. From experience, Taylor Swift was trending on all social channels about her new song and the meaning behind it. To stay up-to-date with the trend, we created a YouTube video based on email marketing and compared it to Taylor Swift's new music video, "You Need to Calm Down." Without seeing that she was trending, we would never have created this video, but it has been successful.


6. Backed by a support team of experts

We believe that help is essential to growth. We are here to support you throughout your small business journey with DirectLync. Having someone to support you is essential when building trust, that’s why we don’t limit support; we provide all of our customers with the option to contact us via phone or email.

Let's face it; small businesses are busy, so they want to work with a team they trust. At DirectLync, we go above and beyond for our clients. We understand the stress and pain points of running a small business because we have been in your shoes. With a combination of our small business experience and marketing background, we can help our clients grow their business. 


7. Reasonable pricing 

Pricing can be a turn-off, especially if you aren’t receiving any benefits. At DirectLync, we offer great features and endless digital marketing opportunities, which comes along with affordable pricing. Our pricing was built with a growing small business in mind. We want to help you, not break the bank. We never make you pay for features you won’t use. We build a package specifically for you.

Interested in knowing how we create a unique personalized price for you, check out our pricing calculator here.


8. Creative Marketing Minds

We’ve been in your shoes 👟.

Creating content for emails, social media captions, blogs, or website design isn't always easy to learn or necessarily part of your skillset. Our office is filled with skilled workers who were born with creative minds. We meet with our clients to hear their goals and challenges. Then, we brainstorm to create impactful ideas and strategies to impact our client’s business. Overall, our clients have been satisfied with our innovative services and are continually looking forward to new features and services.

"My experience with DirectLync is excellent! The staff is more than responsive to our real and perceived needs. They don’t do what is asked; they come up with the right solution for the concept that is presented." - Dr. Brian Sanders, Life Center Academy

We are always sharing our expertise. Our team writes a weekly blog based on common small business challenges. Our audience loves our blogs because

it provides creative solutions to their everyday problems. In our recent blog about the buyer's journey, we provided the audience with a comparison of the NFL season and how it is similar to a customer’s journey with a brand. Now, that’s creative!


Let’s (Direct)Lync

Running a small business isn’t easy. The creating, working, brainstorming, testing, scheduling, and posting all takes time, but DirectLync helps make it more manageable. By using DirectLync, you will find that marketing and sales never felt easier.

Ready to partner with us? We offer an all-inclusive platform, as well as marketing services. Our platform and our services help solve client’s unique challenges. Let’s see what’s right for you!


Updated on February 13, 2020