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How to Transition from Mailchimp to DirectLync

by DirectLync
Read Time: 3 minutes
Transition from Mailchimp to DirectLync

You’ve decided you are ready to make the switch from your Mailchimp account to DirectLync. We are happy to have you! With your new account at DirectLync, you have access to an all-in-one marketing platform! You’ll have a more robust contact management system, be able to manage your social media, gain integrated channel insights, and have access to marketing experts at DirectLync!

All of this is exciting, but there are a few things you need to do to keep all of your information in tack during the transition (don't worry, it's easy)!

Don't have the time? We'll do it for you. Contact us about our implementation services.


Step 1: Sign up!

If you haven’t created your DirectLync account, the first step is to sign up. It’s easy, and you can do it here. You’ll even get 30-days for free.

If you already have an account, skip to step 2. 


Step 2: Export your list of contacts from Mailchimp

To start, you’ll need to head to your Mailchimp account and export your contact list. 

  1. Login to your Mailchimp account
  2. Head to Audiences
  3. Select Contact List on the top right
  4. Select all contacts in your list
  5. Export audience

In Mailchimp, there isn’t an option to export your entire contact list. You will have to repeat these steps for each separate audience. 


Step 3:  Import your list 

You now have all your lists exported, so you’ll want to start preparing your .CSV files for import into DirectLync. 

To prepare your files:

  • Remove unsubscribed contacts 
  • Update or delete bounced email addresses
  • Think about how you would like to group your contacts. You’ll want to separate your contact lists into those groups. (For example, you may have a separate email list for your newsletter and current customers. These lists should be two different groups to upload.) 

Once your lists are prepared and saved, you are ready to import into DirectLync!

To import your list(s) in DirectLync: 

  1. Head to the Contacts Module 
  2. Click Import on the top tab
  3. Download the Import Template
  4. Map the headers on your .CSV to the import template headers
  5. Click Choose a File and upload your list
  6. Agree to the CAN-Spam act if all of your contacts are opt-ins > Next
  7. Validate that your list is appearing correctly
  8. Assign your contacts list to a group or create a new group by clicking the word 'Here'
  9. Click Save & Next and your contact list is uploaded!


Step 4: Customize your content 

If you’ve been using Mailchimp for a while, you most likely have created custom templates you love. They aren’t lost forever! You can easily recreate them in DirectLync.

To build a custom email:

  1. Go to the Email Marketing Module in DirectLync
  2. Click + next to email campaigns
  3. Select the Email Campaign option
  4. Name your email template and create a category (categories are optional)
  5. Add your details
  6. In the Templates stage, select Layouts > Start from Scratch

In start from scratch, you can create your custom email to look just like your current Mailchimp templates.

Note – DirectLync can add your email templates for your and even build you professional, custom-designed email templates. Contact us if you are interested in either of these email services. 


You’re done! You have officially transitioned and are ready to start marketing in DirectLync. For more onboarding information, check out our Getting Started Guide.