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How To Make The Monday After The Big Game a Breeze

by Chris Boutté
Read Time: 5 minutes

The Big Game is coming up, and whether you’re attending a party or hosting one yourself, the last thing you want on your mind is work. But when it comes to digital marketing, it’s difficult to take any time off, even if it’s to see the Cincinnati Bengals go head-to-head with the Los Angeles Rams in the Big Game. The internet and social media platforms are vast and constantly filled with updated news and posts, so you must stay top-of-mind. Monday, after the Big Game, can be dreadful when it’s time to get back to work and resume your digital marketing efforts (it’s not one of the most common days to call out “sick” for no reason), but what if it didn’t have to be so bad? When you have the right digital marketing tools in place, the Monday after the Big Game can be a breeze.

So, let’s discuss some of the best digital marketing and social media management tools that you can use to make your life a bit easier. And with the Big Game being a nationwide event, we’ll try to help spark your creativity for how to utilize these tools and maximize your reach. Let’s kick this off!

How Does Automation Help with Digital Marketing?

The Big Game is the first big event of the year, and although it’s not a national holiday, it’s about as close as you can get to one. During events like these, people are often on social media to check and see what the chatter is about, and many are still checking their emails as well. Since you’re going to be busy enjoying the game, the best thing you can do is set up some automated digital marketing efforts, so you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities.

Whether you’re working on a strategy for customer relationship management, social media marketing, email marketing, or all the above, everything can be automated. The right digital marketing tool will allow you to schedule your social media posts and emails days or even weeks in advance, so your time watching the game won’t be interrupted. 

Use Social Media to Build a Community and Increase Engagement

Throughout the football season, everyone is on social media talking about their favorite teams and making their predictions. This doesn’t change around the Big Game. So, what can you do to get involved in the conversation? With your favorite social media management tool, you can make posts leading up to the game where you can ask questions to get your audience engaged and begin some community building. When you build a community, you build loyalty. Ask questions about what peoples’ predictions are for the game and what players they’ll be keeping an eye on. You can ask how people are going to spend their Sunday watching the Big Game, or you could even have them share some of their favorite snacks in the comments section. 

Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can use this strategy and plan it out in advance. For the Monday after the Big Game, you’ll need to shift the strategy a bit, but it works just as well. Ask people if their team won, or what the biggest surprise of the game was. You can even ask what their favorite commercial was. This is always a hot topic! This will require minimal effort, and it’ll show your current and potential clients and customers that you’re paying attention and involved in the excitement. 

Email Marketing is Perfect for Promotions

The best thing that any business can do is begin to build an email list for your clients or customers, and the Big Game is a great opportunity for promotions. Following the game, you can have emails scheduled to promote a discount on certain products or services that makes sense for your business. This can be an effective email marketing strategy that’ll engage and excite the people on your list. 

And if a promotion isn’t in line with your current strategy, try to think of ways you can engage your email list with content after the Big Game. It doesn’t even have to be football-related, but it sure can save you some work on Monday. Many people spend their Mondays catching up on emails from Friday or from over the weekend, so to save you some time on Monday, you can schedule an email the week prior for Tuesday or Wednesday when people are caught up. Whether you want to remind your clients of various products or services you’re offering, or if you just want to send an email that provides value with some tips and tricks involving your expertise, you can schedule it out in advance with different types of email marketing. 

Don’t Forget About Your Internal Team, Either

If you’re in a management role, email and social media marketing tools can be great internally as well. As you know, returning to work the Monday after can be a bit of a downer. Why not schedule an inspirational or motivational email to send out to your team the Monday after the Big Game? Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our digital marketing efforts that we forget to show some love to our coworkers and employees, so don’t miss this opportunity to schedule something out so you don’t forget on Monday.

Automating your newsletters and social media posts can make your life easier around this time, as well as the rest of the year, so allow DirectLync to help. We offer easy-to-use digital marketing tools that will help you manage your social media posts, newsletters, and much more. We also offer web design and creative services as well if you’re looking to really improve your business in 2022. No matter what you need when it comes to increasing your visibility online, DirectLync can help. Check out our free trial, and contact us if you have any questions about our tools or services.