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Get to Know: Reporting in DirectLync

by Christine Williams
Read Time: 1 minutes
Sales and Marketing Module

The power of DirectLync is within your reporting module. By having all your tools in one place, you are able to get integrated insights into your sales and marketing. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get to know your reporting module!

Get Your Marketing Snapshot

Everything you need to see, in a snapshot. The marketing snapshot report brings together all the insights every marketer needs to understand their campaign performance. From learning your most engaged contacts to viewing your most successful emails, the marketing snapshot will be your go-to report for understanding what’s working with your audience.  

Understand Your Contacts

Your customers are an essential part of your business and understanding how they interact with you is key to growth. The contacts overview report shows you where your contacts are coming from, how many are in each group, and how you are corresponding with them. You can also see where they are in their journey with your brand – lead, proposal, client. 

Check Out Your Social Activity 

Gain insight into your social performance with the all-time performance dashboard. The more you use the DirectLync email marketing tool, the more you learn about how you are performing against your industry. You can visualize your all-time open rate, click rate, and unsubscribes against the average percentages within your industry.

Understand Your Email Campaign Performance

Get statistics on all your email campaigns in one, universal report. What’s your overall click to open ratio and how is that against your industry standards? The email campaign overview report provides that information and much more. By understanding your overall campaign performance, you can start to adjust your email strategy to your audience.