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Get to Know: Contact Manager in DirectLync

by Christine Williams
Read Time: 2 minutes
DirectLync's contact manager

Take the guessing game out of your sales strategy by keeping all your contacts and their information in one place! DirectLync's contact manager allows you to understand your contacts better and personalize conversations with them. Here is everything you need to know about our contact manager. 

Get Granular with Contact Groups

Segmentation is the key to increasing audience engagement and tracking your campaign success. With groups, you can get very granular in how you segment your contacts. Not only can you create a group, but you can also create a child group of that group, and a child group of that child group, and so on. The more segmented you get, the more personalized your email and sales conversations can be. Not only do you know you met them at an event, you know which event and where you met them. 


Know Where Your Customers are in Their Journey 

Keep track of where your customers are in their journey by customizing contact types. When you add a contact or upload a list, you can pick a contact type for each contact. For example, if you are in real estate, your buyer journey may look something like this: consideration, online research, actively searching, transaction, post-sale. Once you have created and tagged contacts to a contact type, you can search for contacts in each stage and even run reports to see how many contacts are in each stage. By categorizing your contacts with contact types, you are able to understand your funnel. 


Have More Intelligent Sales Conversations by Tracking Correspondence

Keeping track of all conversations with a prospect or customer used to be challenging. Now, with DirectLync you can add emails, phone calls, and in-person meeting notes to each contact record. That way, before you have your next conversation, you can look back at previous interactions to have more up-to-date information. You no longer have to rely on your brain to remember, now you have a record within DirectLync. You can also see which emails they opened and click to gauge their interest in your offerings.  

Keep Track of your Customer and Their Organizations

Not only are you able to keep a detailed record of a contact, but you also have detailed info on their company in the organization's tab. Add basic information such as industry, # of employees, age, address, and company URL. You can also view the number of contacts that you have at this organization. Organizations give you a more holistic view of your interactions with an organization, not just the person that works there.