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3 Reasons Why You NEED To Learn Digital Marketing In 2022

by Chris Boutté
Read Time: 4 minutes

The digital age has been upon us for quite some time now, but there are many small businesses that are still way behind. Long ago are the days when you wanted to have print ads in the phonebook or to send a bunch of coupons via snail mail. Not only are your potential customers not looking at these forms of marketing, but with everything going green, some people find these as a waste of paper. Going into 2022, it’s your chance to learn the benefits of digital marketing to take your business to the next level.

We know what you’re thinking. A lot of people say things like, “I’m not tech-savvy,” or “It’s going to be too time consuming to learn digital marketing.” Not only can you not afford to avoid digital marketing any longer, but it’s actually much easier than you think. So, let’s discuss the benefits of digital marketing and some easy ways to implement it into your marketing strategy for 2022. 


Email Marketing is a Great Way to Reach Loyal Customers

Email has been around for a while now, and when it first entered the zeitgeist, those who utilized it for their business were on top of the world. But much like other good things, there will always be people who abuse a system once it gains traction. It didn’t take long for people to realize they could use email to send out a bunch of spam, which led to more people simply ignoring their emails. While this is true, it’s not the entire story. 

If you’re someone who thinks it’s too late to start email marketing, you may want to think again. People are so cautious about giving their email address out these days that if you’re able to capture it, you know that the person is more likely to want to open emails from your business. Think about your own email habits and how you get excited when you receive news about new products or promotional offers from your favorite businesses. So, if you’re not capturing email addresses yet, this should be a top priority for 2022.


Social Media Isn’t Going Anywhere

You’ve neglected social media for too long, and it’s time to build a social media presence. A lot of business owners avoid social media due to misconceptions that it’s only for kids to goof around or for people to share their hot takes. Social media is the optimal place for digital marketing because it continues to grow, and because you’re able to target the exact audience you’re looking for. It’s also important to realize that social media is such a staple of our society that if you don’t have a presence, it almost looks suspicious. 

Social media provides you another avenue to reach your clients with updates, promotional offers, and ways to stay connected. One of the great things about social media is that it gives your company and your brand a personality. You’re able to build a community around your product or service, which helps bring customer loyalty and long-term results. And now, using social media for your business is easier than ever.


Google is Your Website’s Best Friend

Google has dominated the search engine market, and it continues to monopolize the space. Whenever someone is looking for information, they turn to Google because it feeds them the best results. While the term “search engine optimization” may sound scary and super technical, it’s an important aspect of your 2022 digital marketing strategy. If you’ve wondered why your competitors pop up on Google ahead of you, it’s because of search engine optimization, also known as SEO. If you want to take advantage of Google’s reach, it’s time to develop a content strategy for your website because this will help you appear on Google for terms that your potential customers are searching for. 


Digital Marketing in 2022 is Easier Than Ever

If you’re not a web designer or social media guru, don’t worry. In 2022, you can take advantage of all of these digital marketing strategies without having to become a Master of Technology. With minimal effort, you can grow your business through a variety of digital marketing tools that are at your disposal. DirectLync offers easy-to-use tools for email marketing, so all you have to do is gather the email addresses, and then with a few clicks, you can send out updates and promotional information. With our social media management tools, you can schedule out posts on major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

If you’re ready to make 2022 the best year in history for you and your business, allow DirectLync to help. For those who are too busy managing their business, we also offer a variety of services where we do the digital marketing for you. To learn more about how DirectLync can help you with digital marketing in 2022, contact us today.