DirectLync is the digital marketing management platform built for small business.

It's easier to grow your business when the most essential sales and marketing tools are in one, easy-to-use platform.

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Integrated Email Marketing Tool
Social Media Marketing Tool for Businesses
CRM Reporting Tool
CRM System
DirectLync CRM Platform

One login. One platform.
One powerful solution to transform your business.

Increase Productivity

Email Scheduling Tool Social Media Scheduling Tool

Increase Productivity

Simplify efforts and save time with
all your tools in one place.

  • Pre-schedule social posts and emails
  • Streamline your sales cycle
  • Automate email campaigns
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Communicate Effectively

Email Marketing Automation Tool & Email Builder

Communicate Effectively

Plan, manage, and enhance your marketing
channels with compelling messages.

  • Create eye-capturing emails
  • Personalize messages with segmentation
  • Manage brand consistency

Understand Your Customers

CRM for Small to Enterprise Businesses
Social Media Management & Reporting Tool
Powerful data at your
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Email Marketing Reporting Tool for Businesses

Understand Your Customers

Gain a complete view of your customers' journey to
build stronger relationships and increase sales.

  • Uncover your most effective sales and marketing tactics
  • Gain actionable contact insights to drive decisions
  • Attract new customers and nurture current relationships
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Email Activity Report

Generate Actionable Insights

Analytics Tools & Solutions for Your Business Email Marketing Campaign Activities
Web Metric Measuring Tool
Spend less time deciphering data and
more time making impactful decisions.
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Generate Actionable Insights

Make smarter, faster business decisions with
integrated insights.

  • Track a contact from the first touchpoint to won deal
  • Identify areas of opportunity within your sales cycle
  • Measure success across all channels in one place

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