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DirectLync combines the most effective sales and marketing tools into one platform, making it easier to grow your audience, increase revenues, and understand what is (and isn't) working.

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Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

You and your business without DirectLync

You and your business
without DirectLync

You're frustrated, your marketing and sales efforts are disorganized, and your business growth is stagnant. It's time for something new.

With DirectLync digital marketing for small businesses, you can reorganize your business practices and revamp your marketing efforts with our useful digital marketing reporting tools.

one easy to use platform

All-in-one marketing tools on a simple platform

DirectLync integrates your most essential marketing and sales tools sparing you from undue stress and wasted resources.

business thriving with DirectLync

You're happier and your
business is thriving

You've had your most successful month yet, customers are more engaged than ever, and stress is at an all-time low!  

This is what happens when you introduce digital marketing tools and techniques through the best digital marketing software.

All Inclusive Platform

Meet the Best Digital Marketing Tools Suite

Say 'Goodbye' to disjointed sales and marketing tools

Save time, save money, and most importantly, save your peace of mind when you use one platform to execute daily marketing tasks like email marketing, social media, customer relationship management, and much more from one location.

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DirectLync Platform Features

One Tool, Endless Solutions

Our digital marketing platform and software is designed to improve your marketing and outreach efforts across the board. Here are the digital marketing analytics tools and features.

Email Marketing

Email marketing

Craft engaging emails that convert leads to sales with the drag and drop editor that our users voted better than Mailchimp's tool.

Small businesses build better emails with DirectLync. Our email marketing feature includes other key functions like mobile responsive editing, customizable templates, and automation tools - all designed to make your life easier.

Design Better Emails
Social Media Management

Schedule social posts, manage notifications and grow an engaged audience across your social media channels

DirectLync lets you manage and execute your social media marketing strategy from one place and tracks overall performance and progress across channels.

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Increase sales opportunities by easily managing key customer relationships

DirectLync keeps contacts organized and stores important information about your customers as you lead them through your sales pipelines.

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Form Builder

Quickly design custom forms to capture new customers from any website

Turn online visitors into repeat customers when you customize easy-to-build forms that connect directly to your contact manager.

Build Custom Forms



Automate Key Marketing Initiatives With DirectLync Digital Marketing Analytics Tools

Save time and get more done when you put important business tasks and marketing communications on autopilot.

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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Do more with your business when you make data-driven decisions

Real-time data from your marketing and sales initiatives lets you quickly identify key opportunities for success while reducing decision fatigue later on.

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How We Help Our Users

DirectLync Solutions


Keep more money in the bank


Gone are the days of paying for multiple, pricey, digital marketing & sales tools with features you don't even use. Keep money where you need it by using one platform to do it all.

Save on marketing

Reduce time & headaches


DirectLync saves you time & eliminates headaches by combining all of your marketing & sales tools into one, easy-to-use, platform.

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Build digital marketing confidence


DirectLync builds & reinforces confident performance by teaching you necessary digital marketing skills and reaffirming the skills you already have.

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Accelerate sales success


Our users increase sales & drive better business after using DirectLync to easily implement consistent email marketing & social media campaigns.

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Say 'Goodbye' to guesswork


Make confident, informed business decisions when you know what your customers respond to best with custom testing, reporting, analytics, & insights.

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Keep your team aligned


Eliminate missed deadlines & disorganized communication with internal project management features like tasks & automatic notifications.

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Grow an engaged community


Grow your online community when you add features like forms to your website. Convert leads to paying customers with key digital touchpoints.

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Manage clients from one place


Calling all marketing managers & creatives: Execute seamlessly for multiple clients by quickly switching between accounts.

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Design & send better emails than your competition


Looks matter. Our drag & drop editor provides more design flexibility than your competitors that use email marketing platforms like Mailchimp.

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Start marketing better today


Stop stalling and start executing. Sign up for DirectLync today!

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Support and Resources

We're Here To Help You Win 

Empowering success with hands-on support & resources

Whether you're a digital marketing novice or a seasoned pro, our support and resources fit all skill sets and are meant to grow with you and your business. Our Customer Success team provides hands-on support with quick responses, and our ever-evolving resource center is filled with the necessary knowledge to empower confidence and drive success.

Understanding the importance of digital marketing for small businesses can help you stay engaged and prepare for the future of your company. Contact our team for more information.

DirectLync Insights

Digital marketing content to build knowledge and empower success

New blogs about email marketing, social media, CRM, strategy & more added weekly!


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